Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mr. Novak.

Oh my gosh. I am obsessed with this show. I don't know how I've never seen it before. I've definitely heard the name before, but I randomly decided to watch an episode tonight. I literally cannot remember why -- and that was only a couple of hours ago. Honestly, I would have to go through my browser history to find out what led me to it. BUT, I HAVE NO TIME. Because I am too busy doing this:

I am not an actual crazy person; I was just getting into the spirit of the show.

Basically, it's the typical inspiring teacher drama. There's an intelligent new English teacher and he magically changes everyone's lives by just listening to them and also all the students (all played by thirty year-olds) and teachers fall deeply in love with him. (I'm just empathizing with the characters on screen. GOSH.)

And, I cannot stop watching it. Of course, this will only last for a short while longer because there are only like three episodes on YouTube. SHEESH. Get on this Warner Archive!

Anyway, said inspiring teacher is James Franciscus -- the man we all remember for his dramatic role as Gene Hackman's babysitter in Marooned (I still don't think that was a terrible movie).

And, honestly, I'm not sure why my initial fawning over him did not lead me to overdose on everything he's ever been in (that's usually the case with my Love of the Moment [trademark]). Probably, it was just the sheer presence of David Janssen, Gregory Peck, AND Richard Crenna in the aforementioned film.

But, enough of poorly thought-out, but majestically realized space dramas. I'm here to talk about inspiring teacher dramas! GOSH!

James Franciscus is an idealistic English teacher and Dean stinkin' awesome Jagger is his principal (the principal is your pal). Apparently, in the second season, Burgess Meredith played the principal, but I haven't seen that yet -- because THERE ARE ONLY THREE EPISODES ON YOUTUBE. But, I'm sure that's great too! Burgess Meredith is always a cool penguin; never an obsolete man. And man, there is time enough at last to enjoy his work.

(GOOD HEAVENS! Turn off my internet!)

And, basically, this show is great and you should go watch. And, I've been told that it tackled many social issues. I cannot confirm that (I've only watched one and a half episodes), but I believe it. 

Now, go watch this episode, because it's all Children's Houresque about a teenager who needs a good listening-to. And, also, it co-stars Geraldine Brooks -- the queen of my heart!

I hope you are no longer reading this post, but being inspired by that hour of teacher drama. And, if you're not, you're probably a socially-awkward high schooler who needs a good listening-to!

The truth hurts, sorry!

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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kate gabrielle said...

Dear Mrs. Millie Novak,

LOVE this post and now I need to find the episodes on youtube (ps. did you check ioffer yet for the series? I BET IT'S THERE!!!!) Also (referring to your tweet) YOU are the rock star. Nobody could dish out a mean Burgess Meredith pun like you, my friend.

Millie said...


I did check iOffer. It's not even available there! :-O

No, you are definitely the rock star.

Well, I do pride myself on Burgess Meredith's puns, so yeah. ;-D

rox said...

Loved your post, but by my count there are 10 episodes of Mr. Novak on Youtube. Most are pretty poor quality, but the scripts make them worth watching. And the gorgeous James Franciscus of course. Warner Archive really should release this show.

Hamlette said...

Geraldine Brooks! I love her! My favorite female guest star on all of Combat!, "The Walking Wounded." (Here's a link just cuz it's also my favorite episode of all.) I'll have to try to watch this, as I love seeing her in other stuff.

Anonymous said...

I believe that all of James Franciscus' TV Show Movies as Mr. Novak were donated to Yale University in Connecticut
by his family after his death.


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