Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary of the day when the noble doctor with the twitchy little smirk became a victim of blind justice and had to start running after a one-armed man

On September 17th, 1963, the very first episode of The Fugitive aired. And the world was never the same. (No hyperbole.)

Honestly, I can't even describe the depth of my love for this perfect show (check The Fugitive tag for more complete posts). It has brilliant writing and acting. The moody and dark cinematography makes it the perfect film noir television show. The characters are fascinating, layered, and unique. The struggle between Gerard and Kimble and Kimble and the One-Armed Man is basically operatic.


In short (I have a huge test tomorrow and can't write a proper post), everyone needs to watch this show. If not for the reasons listed above, than for Dr. Richard Kimble. 

David Janssen makes Dr. Richard Kimble dynamic, quietly powerful, assured, conflicted, anguished, hopeful, empathetic. It's not the normal "noble doctor" shtick. He is noble, but he has to choose to be that way; constantly. And, the audience knows he's gonna do the right thing (of course he is), but we're also never quite sure.  It's a character you immediately identify with, but never fully understand. 

I'm fangirling nonsensically, but there is just so much greatness.

Many of the episodes are available on YouTube. Start at the beginning. Not because the show is serialized (it's not), but because the characters grow and change subtly. Richard Kimble, ever the weary man on the run becomes more weary as time goes on. He has to make a constant decision to keep living and running-- to keep his humanity.

And, honestly, that's the tagline for the show: "Oh, the humanity!"

Well, I'll stop now. I must study. But, please, watch The Fugitive. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT.


Hamlette said...

It's on YouTube? Sweet! I had no idea. Now I just need to find someone to watch my kids for about 3 days while I marathon.

Or I'll watch an ep now and then when I have a chance. Because, yeah, Dr. Richard David Kimble is so wonderful, in both his incarnations.

DKoren said...

And I have yet to see an episode, though I've always wanted to, particularly after one of your posts, like today. I would very much like to run through the show start to finish.

Terence Towles Canote said...

I've been watching the reruns on Sunday night on ME-TV. It had been years since I'd seen an episode! It's still as good as I remember it.

Winifred said...

Crumbs he was gorgeous and what a fabulous series it was. The film was total dross compared to the TV series. I remember watching it every week to see whether he found the one armed man. It was so sad when he did & it all ended.

He perfected the quirky twitch in Harry O, my favourite US TV detective show. What a fantastic series that was and how idiotic that Warner Bros cancelled it after 2 series. Utter madness.

I'm still hopping mad that when Warners eventually released the DVDs, we can't buy them in the UK & Europe. They even had the You Tube videos removed. What a set of wassocks! Rant over.


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