Sunday, December 15, 2013

Peter O'Toole.

2 August 1932 – 14 December 2013

 "Well, it was pitch dark and there he was. Tall, blue eyes, slim, quite good-looking."
-Audrey Hepburn in How to Steal a Million

There is nothing to say about Peter O'Toole that hasn't already been said. And, that's because he really was everything. An insanely brilliant, fascinating, and charismatic actor and man--he always had all the attention.

His performances are pure enjoyment. Even in the darkest, heaviest of roles or films, it always seemed as if he just lightly floated through. 

This is not to say that his performances lacked gravitas or seriousness. He could create the most beautiful, strong moments out of nearly anything. His small role in Ratatouille proves that.

Never a dull person; although, some his anecdotes I really shouldn't laugh at, because they aren't the healthiest of examples. But, he always made life seem like the craziest, greatest, most exciting thing to do. (Also, riding into a talk show on a camel. WHO ARE YOU, SIR?!)

Simply said, Peter O'Toole was a clever, enigmatic, mesmerizing man. He will be missed.

In summation, "'I can make the best French toast,' [Peter] stated. Minutes later the stove exploded into flames."


Hamlette said...

:-( I'm so sad about this. Truly a loss :-(

Terence Towles Canote said...


The Metzinger Sisters said...

Welcome back Millie....but ugh...did it have to be the death of Peter O'Toole that made you return? I have still not seen Lawrence of Arabia but How to Steal a Million remains one of my favorite movies, and I really doubt that he looked more gorgeous in any other film. He will be missed indeed!


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