Friday, April 18, 2014

Awful Reviews.

Okay, so my TCMFF post is coming soon. It's gonna be like 85,000 words long, so prepare your minds and souls.

But, before I finish that magnum opus, I had to post a link to this site that is literally making me laugh uncontrollably. It's called Awful Reviews and it replaces positive critical reviews on movie posters with negative Amazon customer reviews. And, it is literally the most ridiculous, but strangely brilliantly funny thing I have ever seen.

No Maryland Monroe. I'm literally choking over here.

Stay tuned for my complete coverage of the TCMFF, meeting the Nonfleshies (they were mediocre at best [just kidding! ten out of ten would recommend]), creating nicknames for Ben Mankiewicz, and hanging out with Anna Kendrick in the bathroom at the El Capitan.


Anonymous said...

What a funny idea. Love these posters and hope we can see more.

Millie said...

They really made me laugh. You can find more of them at the link near the top, or by clicking on all the photos! There are many of them, I just picked out a few of the classic film ones!

Thanks for the comment!


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