Saturday, April 26, 2014

TCM Film Festival 2014 or: HOW DO I LIVE LIFE NOW? Part I

Note: Part I of my coverage of the TCM Film Festival, because really, this post would be too frighteningly long. And, I sorta wrote the first half a week before the second half (finals. *shakes fist*), BUT PAY NO ATTENTION. This is like the pre-festival edition.-Millie

So yeah. Last week happened.

And, it was, in fact, an entire week ago (err two weeks ago)--it feels like yesterday/twenty-three years ago. (It has a rather timeless quality to me.) However, I do know that it really did happen, because three things remain with me: a glad heart, a burnt nose, and a renewed sense of blogging purpose.

Above all, the TCM Film Festival reminded me of how much I obsessively love the film lovers community. YOU ARE ALL GREAT PEOPLE.

Unfortunately, I had been a bit out of the community for the last few months because of being a full-time student/almost full-time member of the workforce. I missed you all. All my classic film thoughts were stuck inside. I was unable to share with those physically existing around me, because no one cared about the Top Ten Greatest Vincent Price Mustaches or Why Dana Andrews Deserved an Oscar Every Year of His Life. No one cared for my Michael Caine in The Italian Job or Elizabeth Taylor in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof impressions (both are brilliantly spot-on, or so I've been told by no one many people).

Anyway, Millie the Cat is ALIIIIVVVVEEEE. She's ALIIIIIVVEEEEE, [insert your name here]!

Warning: I should clearly make multiple short posts about the festival, but I am too gleefully excited, and this will in all probability be 80,000 words long. Your mission should you choose to accept it...


The story begins long, long ago. It was 2008 and I was 13 years-old. I was on a family vacation, and for the first time ever, I had my own room at the hotel. Furthermore, said hotel had TCM. It was a magical experience, and I watched so many movies--staying up all night long, every night. One film in particular was so lovely, I wanted to own it terribly: Hide-Out (1934). I googled, but could not find it anywhere, so I posted on the TCM message boards under the haphazardly created handle (I probably would have put more effort in, if I had known how it would stick with me): ILoveRayMilland. Someone there told me the bitter truth of its nonexistence on DVD, but I decided to stick around the message boards. I LOVED IT THERE. I also managed to meet a couple of fellow youngsters: Sarah and Simoa. Somehow or another, my name was shortened to Millie (from Milland), and a legend was born.

Anyway, flash-forward a year, Sarah starts a blog. And,in my perpetually copying state, I start a blog. I meet many wonderful bloggers, including Kate, Nicola, and Casey. We, the Nonfleshies (not in the flesh friends), at some point decide that we should all meet up in five years in some dramatic Cary Grant on the Empire State Building moment.

This festival was our moment; our time to shine; the day of destiny.

l-r at the Sunday in New York screening: Kate, Nicola, Bruce Dern, Sarah, and Casey.

Anyway, after an excitedly dramatic meet-up that included me sitting next to a random baggage claim for two hours waiting for ANYONE to arrive while I just kept refreshing flight arrival information on my Kindle, I finally saw all of my lovely Insta-Fleshies. We had a crowded, bonding ride to the hotel. And then, we ate food (of course) and wandered about. Two stand-out moments (excuse the insane narcissistic amount of photos of me in this post):

Stop laughing. This was a very important moment my life. I had fulfilled my family's destiny, with the help of Sarah (seriously, my family was like, "oh cool, you're going to Hollywood? Have fun. STEAL JOHN WAYNE'S FOOTPRINTS BECAUSE LUCY AND ETHEL AND LIFE").

David Janssen and I. This is unedited in all its glory, because it alone truly displays my undying, slightly creepy adoration for my beloved Dr. Richard Kimble. Also, popsicles: a truly notable occasion.

I'm gonna stop here, because I really need to post this, but expect the next installments relatively quickly. It will include the time I went literally insane because I was standing in the same space once occupied by Jean Dujardin, late night chats with the Katester, meeting other bloggers (whoooo), becoming a member of Kim Novak's family, crying during Godzilla, and many more exciting tales.


kate gabrielle said...

omg the pictures with the John Wayne footprints & David Janssen's star will never get old.

I never even thought of the meeting from an Affair to Remember perspective but IT WAS! IF YOU CAN PAINT I CAN WALK MILLIE

Millie said...

Hahahaha. Truly some great moments in my life.

But, but, but, I can't paint. And as you learned, I really can't walk either. Soooooo.

Hamlette said...

You beat me to John Wayne's footprints! Pout pout pout.


Sarah Mann said...

HAHA you are not Bruce Dern.

Also the David Janssen photo: "Do you want me to hold your chips?" "No." lolololol.

Raquel Stecher said...

I never knew where the name Millie came from so I loved the origin story! It was so great to see you at the festival. Also you are hilarious, glad to see more of your great writing!

Raquel Stecher said...

Not sure if my first comment went through so here it is again.

I hadn't heard the origin story of how you chose the name Millie! Love it. Glad to know where it came from. It was so wonderful to see you at the festival. You are hilarious so I'm really glad to see more of your writing. Good luck with school and work!


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