Sunday, November 9, 2014

Laggies (2014): Oh, yeah, Seattle.

So, my laptop is broken, and this is being written from a Kindle (senior year of college is hard with a broken laptop), but I simply had to urge everyone to go watch Laggies.

Guys. It was filmed in glorious Washington. My beloved home is all over it. A girl I know is an extra in it. Keira Knightley's character is named Megan (cough cough my real name cough cough). SAM ROCKWELL is in it!

Go see it. It's not necessarily a life-changing great film--unless it is. I mean, there is an insanely talented cast (Chloe Grace Moretz, queen of my heart) and crew, and evergreen trees everywhere. What more could you want?!

I must confess there is a horrible, horrible, greatly disappointing aspect of the film. I mean, I hate to even remind myself of this, but...


I don't understand how that's possible. It must have been accidentally cut. Maybe, there was a post-credits scene that I should have waited for?! I just don't even know anymore.

But, despite this grievous error, there is so much to love in this charming, fun movie. No rain though, which was a little odd. And, Sam's character carried an umbrella around which was super funny. But, whatevs.

Go chill and  watch this movie and then move to Seattle and feel better about life, because trees.

That is all.


DKoren said...

Dude, I was just in Seattle this past week! Twice! Okay, I was at the airport both times (connecting flights to/from Yakima) but... Seattle!

I've never even head of this movie, but will see if I can check it out. :-D

Millie said...

That's awesome! There's actually a scene in SeaTac in the movie! What were you doing in Yakima?

DKoren said...

Business trip. Up there to train a customer in Ellensburg. I've never seen anything of Seattle except the view out the window and the airport... but one of these days I will get to stay and check out more than SeaTac! I always love flying in. Well, when the weather cooperates and I actually am afforded a view, which did not happen this trip. Totally socked in.

KC said...

I thought this was a cute movie, but I was totally excited when I saw it, because it is literally in my neighborhood! The Grocery Outlet, Mexican Restaurant and even the house are all right down the street from me. The park where they got drunk, Golden Gardens, is just a few minutes away. I went to a screening at the Women in Film Festival here in Seattle and the director, a bunch of actors, and even a couple of my favorite guys from the Mexican restaurant were there. It was pretty fun! I'm glad you liked the movie too. It's been getting some bad reviews, but I think this is the kind of movie you can't take too seriously.

Hamlette said...

My theater doesn't have it :-( But I love Keira and Sam, so if they have it up in the city, maybe I'll make the extra effort -- we'll see!

John and Christy said...

What is the Mexican restaurant? Just saw the movie and my daughter lives nearby.


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