Thursday, January 14, 2016


That's right, my friends. I'm back, and like a guilty, absent grandparent--I've brought presents. This giveaway is straight from my heart to yours. It's classic Millie.

Included are brand-new copies of The Artist and Wanted: Dead or Alive Season One. The former was purchased at Goodwill (still in its plastic wrapping) and the latter at Half-Price Books (there's a story to this giveaway).

Also, included are used (in great condition) copies of Modesty Blaise and a starter collection of Maverick with some of its best episodes. Both of these were purchased at Scarecrow Video--the hugely famous Seattle movie rental place.

Finally, you will also receive a beautiful copy of Bradford Dillman's hilarious, wonderful memoirs: Are You Anybody? An Actor's Life. I've wanted to do a giveaway of this for a long time, but it is extremely hard to track down without paying an exorbitant fee on Amazon. (I, of course, have my own copy; which I believe is currently in Kate's possession. haha) However, I found a copy at Cinema Books: the wonderful little bookshop in Seattle which recently closed after many, many years being run by the same woman. She knew literally everything about movies and many filmmakers made her shop a necessary stop during their time in Seattle (Colin Firth was the most recent visitor! ha). It really saddens me that it is now closed, because I loved to stop in an look around and always left with some random movie book. It was barely organized chaos (literally stacks of books everywhere), yet she always knew where everything was. I literally said: "Weird request, I know, but do you possibly have a copy of Bradford Dillman's memoirs?" She responded: "Oh, I know just where that is!" And, then, walked a few steps (an extremely small shop) looked at an incomprehensibly tall stack of books and pulled this one out easily. She didn't think it was strange at all. With this, you will get a piece of Seattle film culture history, as well as a hilarious collection of stories from a gifted writer.

Yes, I know what you're thinking, IT'S TOO MUCH! Why are you giving away so much greatness?!

Because, I love you.

And, also, I meant to do this giveaway nearly a year ago. It was gonna be a winter blah giveaway. And then, it was gonna be a kick-off to summer giveaway. And then, it was gonna be a farewell to summer giveaway. And then, it was gonna be a fall is here giveaway. And then, it was gonna be a Christmas giveaway. AND, NOW, IT'S A YAY 2016! DON'T FAIL ME NOW GIVEAWAY!

I will actually be leaving for out of the country for a couple of months in a couple of weeks. So, there won't be tons of time for this to happen. AKA, I need you all to pay close attention and definitely share this with your friends! ;-D

How to win: 

1 entry-- Leave me a comment, and let me know your favorite new-to-you movie that you watched in 2015 and a movie that you are looking forward to watching in 2016!

1 entry-- Tell someone else about this contest somehow and have them enter. If they mention you, then I'll give you both an extra entry! (Oooooh. Intrigue.) 

Comment by Monday, January 25th at 12AM (PST) and the winner will be chosen by random shortly thereafter. U.S. Entries only, please (sorry, but I am starving student who doesn't understand international mailing).

Yaya! Let the excitement begin (realistically, I know that only three of you are going to enter, but good luck! Because this is all genuine greatness! ;-D)!


Hamlette said...

My absolute favorite new-to-me movie of 2015 was The Man from UNCLE. I completely roll-on-the-floor-in-ecstasy adore it.

In 2016, I'm really looking forward to X-Men: Apocalypse even though Wolvie isn't really in it.

DKoren said...

Ooh! It's here! Very exciting! I love the story about Cinema Books but am very saddened it is gone. :(

Favorite movie of 2015 was The Force Awakens. In 2016, I guess I'm really looking forward to Captain America: Civil War.

And travel safely!

kate gabrielle said...

I'm not actually entering since I own Modesty Blaise, as previously mentioned I'm currently in possession of your copy of Bradford Dillman's book (sorry!! it'll be in the next pizza box shipment, promise!) and well... westerns. haha. BUT. It is super awesome of you to do this giveaway and it's such a Millie giveaway. A MILLIEWAY, if you will.

And just because I can't pass up answering questions about movies basically ever, my favorite new-to-me movie in 2015 was Purple Noon (Phoenix if you're talking about actual NEW movies) and I'm looking forward to seeing Hail, Caesar this year.

krista brueno said...

My favorite movie I saw this year was Populaire. It's a French film about a hapless secretary and I love it. The costumes and soundtrack didn't hurt either. As for 2016, I can't wait to see Hail, Caesar. Really, really can't wait to see it. Safe travels!

Lyn said...

Oh, gosh. I'm up to my ears in a book I'm writing, and at this moment I couldn't tell you whether or not I saw any movie last year. Just jumped over here from Hamlette's blog and wanted to say hello to another classic movie fan.

You have a pretty nifty joint here. Excellent!

Lois Johnson said...

Hamlette sent me. :)
Favorite new to me movie was Star Wars: The Force Awakens of course but second would be Age of Ultron.
I'm most looking forward to Captain America: Civil War for 2016.

Kelda said...

Hi, Nice lady! In 2015, my favorite -actually only- movie was "Bond,James Bond." My 2016 is actually "waiting patiently. whaa" I wanted to see Man from from Uncle.So my mother says she'll buy it for me s a late Christmas gift, (HOW late??)
I'm in a nursing home, which doesn't leave a lot of time going out.If I win :^) I'd enjoy Depp's Pirates or the ol' Mavericks. I remember watching the originals.

Hamlette the dame talked me through my way here. :^) Give her something nice.

Xandra Burns said...

My favourite film from 2015 was Inside Out! I'd been looking forward to it for years, and it delivered awesomely.

As for 2016...right now I'm madly catching up on that slew of excellence that gets released just in time to qualify for the Oscars. I'm gonna say Star Trek Beyond. Because I love Zachary Quinto.


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