Sunday, September 4, 2016

11 Exceedingly ~Interesting~ Answers to Questions

I haven't had working internet at my living space IN 3 MONTHS. But, hey-o, I am back in business now--from the hot and sticky, but interesting and new city of Memphis (ask about the time I people-watched thousands of pilgrims at the Elvis-death-memorial vigil at Graceland at night in the middle of a typhoon sometime, okay).

To ease my way back, the dear and delightful Hamlette has tagged me to answer 11 questions about myself. We all know I love lists and talking about myself, so this was a 100% great proposition. Also, check out her list--cause my name is The Millie and I Approve this Message (every answer is ridiculously spot-on).

1.  Is there a movie that has really yummy-looking food in it that you'd love to eat?

Probably, as in most definitely, too obvious a choice, but dang the pies in The Waitress are so delicious looking (I might also be projecting a bit of my unhealthy love for Ned the Pie-Maker from Pushing Daisies in here). I love how integral they are to the story, and to the waitress' character. The urge to create is powerfully inborn in each of us, and it is a varied in its outlets as people are varied. ALSO, PIE.

Side-note: I know Babette's Feast is supposed to be like the #1 sensory food film, but to be honest, those images have always looked mostly gross to me (still a great film). Am I a godless, unsophisticated heathen? Y/N

2.  What era do most of your favorite movies take place in?

It honestly depends on the mood. For absolute comfort combined with the awe of film as a purely heart-encompassing love and connection it's 1935-1948. That's my childhood and my basis of film appreciation and that too-visceral-to-be-properly-explained-to-any-person understanding of film.

My childhood comfort film being Shadow of a Doubt has me now rethinking my childhood.

But, personality-wise, 1960S, PEOPLE. The weirder and more colorful and more who thought this was a good idea? the better.

It's a long story.

When I'm feeling angsty, it's nothing but 1950s melodrama.

"MAGGIE THE CAT IS ALIVE. SHE'S ALIVE, BRICK!" is definitely not what I am currently yelling out my window in a bad Southern accent.

3.  What two actors/actresses have you always hoped would make a movie together, but didn't/haven't yet?

Ben Whishaw and Keanu Reeves

If I'm being honest, this thought first occurred to me roughly 8 seconds ago. BUT, COME ON. Can you imagine that level of quiet sensitivity and good hair? UNCONTESTED ON THIS OR ANY OTHER PLANET IN THE GALAXY.

4.  If money and time and supplies (and crafting ability) were not considerations, what movie character would you love to cosplay or dress up like for Halloween?

So, I had a ~strange~ childhood, followed by an early adulthood spent working every single Halloween night, so I actually dressed up for Halloween for the first time last year! I went as Punk Edgar Allan Poe and spent 20 minutes on my costume. I was also mistakenly asked if I was Adolf Hitler despite my carrying around a raven and DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE THOUGHT OF ME EVEN CONSIDERING DRESSING AS ANY MEMBER OF THE NAZI PARTY IS TOO UNBELIEVABLE TO IMAGINE.

A photo posted by Meg (@thephantomasthmatic) on

That said. I would be Mrs. Cathy Gale every day. And, really, I mean that I would cosplay as Honor Blackman.

5.  Have you ever cosplayed or dressed up like a movie or TV character for Halloween?

Well, this is awkward. As you can now see, I didn't actually read all the questions before I start responding, so I should have saved my own Halloween experience for this answer.

However, you're in luck. I was a 100% theatrical adult child, so dressing up was always a great idea. Although, I will say, I was banned from watching Bonanza for 3 months when I was 7, because I dressed up as a "saloon girl" and served lemon-water to my big brothers.

6.  What movie would your friends/family be surprised to learn you truly enjoyed?


Honestly, I watch so many terrible things and enjoy them, that it's not even a secret anymore. The day I started logging all my film viewings publicly on Letterboxd was the day I decided it was okay if people knew how many times I watch Maid in Manhattan on the regular. I CANNOT BE SHAMED ANYMORE.

One time, I had really long convo about this movie with a thrift store checkout guy on Cap Hill in Seattle and he really felt like JLO emotionally gets him and also referred to Ralph Fiennes as a "fancy lad" and that really spoke to me.

7.  What's one book you hope no one ever makes into a film?

Uhhhh. IDK. I cannot think of any one book in particular. Although, I can think of some particularly terrible adaptations (and I usually like the film just as much or more than the book, to be honest). Earlier this year, I saw the 1999 adaptation of The End of the Affair and it completely stole all nuance and changed the complete direction and purpose of the novel that it really horrified me.

8.  Do you know the Wilhelm Scream when you hear it?


9.  When a character onscreen has to hold their breath, to you try to hold your breath to match theirs?

The Phantom Asthmatic
Thanks for the traumatic reminder of my severe asthma. THE ANSWER IS NO. I have regrettable lung capacity because of the aforementioned asthma. I do tend to clutch my inhaler when people breathe heavily onscreen, however. And, have been known to wheeze along sympathetically.


10.  What upcoming movies (or TV series) are you excited about?

Films: La-La Land (I'm here for low-key, throwback musicals), Nocturnal Animals (Tom Ford style plus that cast), The Bad Batch (interesting director; inexplicable story-setting), John Wick 2 (KEANU IS GOING TO TAKE DOWN ALL THE CRIMINAL CELLS WITH MORE STYLIZED BALLETIC VIOLENCE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE), Silence (I adore Liam Neeson and this looks like a film for his powerful presence), Arrival (Amy Adams is my queen), American Pastoral (I support Ewan McGregor), and Bastille Day (truly the Idris Elba kicking doors in and terrifying people with his stare film that we have all been waiting for).

TV Series: the return of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (look past the title; it is extraordinary), the HBO Lewis & Clark series (my fav historical bromance), and Doctor Who (PETER. CAPALDI.)

11.  What are some of your favorite movie-oriented blogs?  (Or just blogs that post movie reviews sometimes.)

Silents and Talkies
Hamlette's Soliloquy
Sidewalk Crossings
Cinema Fanatic
A.V. Club

Thanks for the tag, Hamlette! My heart is yours.

Also, anyone else wanting to participate, please feel free and let me know when you do so I can check out your answers!


Terence Towles Canote said...

I did it on my blog Some of those questions were hard to answer!

DKoren said...

Hahaha! Love this post! Reading this made my day. Your Bonanza-banning story is hilarious. And I love Punk Poe with the raven. Great picture!

Thanks also for the mention!

DKoren said...

Also - Ned the Piemaker!!! (recently started watching Pushing Daisies, which is highly amusing and adorable.)

Simoa said...

Tell me about the time you people-watched thousands of pilgrims at the Elvis-death-memorial vigil at Graceland at night in the middle of a typhoon the next time we skype!

I loved reading your answers, you're such a delight. :)

Millie said...

Terry: Yay! So glad you participated!

DKoren: A comment from you always lights up my day! :-)

Well, I had a purple velvet dress-up dress from some Aunt that had fluffy purple boa edging--WHAT ELSE COULD I BE EXPECTED TO USE IT FOR?! haha

Thanks. I wasn't exactly "punk," but I also didn't have black pants or a black jacket that wasn't faux-leather, so I just went with that. ;-D

He makes pies and wakes the dead. He leads a very sheltered life.

Simoa: Your wish is my command. ;-D

Hamlette said...

Ned the Pie Maker!!! DKoren introduced me to him last month, and awwwwwwwwww, he is the sweetest. ("The pie-maker remembered everything.") I've actually wanted to see Waitress for a while now, and... I do love pie :-9

Now that you bring this up, obviously there needs to be a movie where Ben Whishaw is Keanu Reeves' long-lost son and they're both very fragile and kind, yet kinda bad-boy.

Okay, punk Edgar Allan Poe is so adorable I want to hug you. And why would people think Adolf Hitler was wearing a ruffly shirt and carrying a Raven? Maybe they just thought you were trying to be scary? Weirdos.

Banned from Bonanza for 3 months? You had cruel parents. The saloon girls on Bonanza were so pure and innocent! Unless they were trying to kill a Cartwright -- you did run into a bad 'un now and then.

I'm learning, via everyone's replies to this tag, that my brother and I are pretty much total freaks for spending our childhoods holding our breath every time someone in a movie had to. (The latest Mission: Impossible darn near killed me. Or would have, if I hadn't just given up and ceded Tom Cruise his superior lung capacity.)

La-La Land does look... possibly good. I'm hopeful.

Totally enjoyed your answers! As I knew I would, which is why I tagged you ;-) Glad you have internet again!

Millie said...

Hamlette: Pushing Daisies is such a special perfect show!

Waitress is good movie. Not as a sweet and lovely as Pushing Daisies though. ha! I love the cast, and there is such an emphasis on female friendships (woman writer/director).

YOU GET IT. I would totally see that movie just for there utterly different acting styles pushing up against each other.

People are dumb, that's why. I mean, the party I was at had several people in very suspect/racist costumes, so they probably thought nothing of someone coming as Hitler. Also, I think people see black mustache and think Hitler. WHO KNOWS.

Women on Bonanza are always faultless. It is the Cartwright curse that does them all in.

Yeah. That is honestly very strange. ;-D

La-La Land's trailer is so sweet and lovely and looks like a perfume commercial. I dig it.


Hamlette said...

Haha! Now that you mention it, LLL's commercial DOES look like a perfume commercial! I'm never going to be able to unthink that while watching it, now. Too funny.


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