Saturday, October 29, 2016

Important Halloween Message

You know what is one of the clearest symptoms of a global consumer culture that is decaying and rotten at its core?
The chocolate industry.
Americans spend billions of dollars a year on chocolate. No one needs chocolate. It is a luxury. A treat. A gift. Something to put into candy bowls in office waiting areas.
Meanwhile, almost the entire cocoa industry is fueled by plantations (mainly in West Africa) where child labour--and child slavery--is the norm.
Children are being trafficked; children are being enslaved; children are being forced to work long hours at dangerous work with minimal to no pay.
Who is buying this child slave cocoa? Hershey's, Nestle, Mars, and nearly every major chocolate brand.
They have blocked legislation that would have required them to be certified child slave free, and have made continual broken promises to self-regulate. They were gonna be child slave free in 2005, now it's 2020. We'll see.
AS THE CONSUMERS, WE CAN DEMAND CHANGE. But, it must be fueled by our dollars, because they are not listening otherwise.
I urge you to stop buying from companies who exploit children. There are alternatives.
This Halloween, please don't support the enslavement of one child to fill the treat bag of another child.


DKoren said...

Appalling that this can be happening. Thanks for the links. I'm glad I'm not much of a chocolate fan. I rarely touch it these days.

Hamlette said...

This is completely awful. Sad I didn't read it until the day AFTER Halloween, but I will be changing my chocolate-buying habits as of now. Thank you.


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