Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The fall.

Hi pals,

It is I, the prodigal blogging child, returning once again to the scenes of my greatest triumph (if you call spending the entirety of one's teen years blogging about Gidget and Godzilla and Ralph Meeker at 3AM a triumph--AND I DO!).

I have to tell you. I never make New Years Resolutions. I just do not think about it. But, this year, 2018, I decided to make a resolution. I would write something--either here or on my personal site--once a week. Just something. I needed a creative outlet while caught in the midst of a very stressful and demanding job. Well, lolz, that has not happened.

My creative output has almost completely been limited to writing pithy Insta captions like three times a day about random thoughts that fly through my brain (mainly about any time I do anything with my cool friends, and also about how Messi and Suarez love each other, and sometimes about movie things), and also to writing Letterboxd reviews (you can read a review for every single film I have watched this year--no matter how embarrassing).

But, I have truly missed you all. I have a million and one hot-take essays bubbling in my brain. But, I am also tired--so very tired. It is a cliche, but the world is a mess. I take it quite to heart. I have known the world is mess since I have known the world, but even so I lived with a little hope. Example: I could watch the ending of Children of Men (2006) and feel peace about it. Now, it is just a little bit like, NEVERMIND. WHAT IS THE POINT.

But, anyway. Of course, I am still me, tattooed with the words, "Let justice roll on like a river," because I cannot live any other way.

Y I K E S.

Well, now, I am very afraid that I am gonna have to tag this blog with the occasionally used "Millie's being maudlin again." Whoops.

LOVE YOU! *insert kiss emoji*

I cannot promise that I am  really back, but look, I am using a rare afternoon off (the first in a few weeks) to talk to all of you, because I am chilling on a lovely autumn at my favorite coffee shop and it seemed the thing to do. (If I post a photo of my hair--we will have completed a classic Millie narcissism brace. Speaking of classic braces--Messi completed one against Tottenham this afternoon with some help from Suarez, BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH).


I saw Lizzie (2018) this morning. Not so good. AT ALL. Chloe Sevigney and KStew were good in it, but like, what was the point, and why was it directed by a man? SHEESH. I didn't even get any women in menswear moments. (And, also, I got carded for being possibly under-17, because the box office guy said I had "a very youthful look." UGHHHH.)

Cinematic women in menswear have been having a MOMENT this fall, and wow just be still my beating heart.

Out this week, Colette (2018) gave us Keira Knightley killing the suit game. Although, cruelly, it was only for a few moments in the span of the film (I blame the man directing this film for this egregious error, and also for the other egregious problems with this film--none of which have to do with Keira's stunning, magnetic performance).

Also, though, check out Keira at the Sundance premiere giving us Joel Grey in Cabaret realness.

Anyway, love you, Keira! Thank you for being you! 

To the rest of you peasants: I don't necessarily recommend rushing out to watch this in cinemas, but def check it out at home later. If only to spare yourself the difficulty of containing your laughter in public as my beloved and dear Eleanor Tomlinson attempts a Louisiana accent (my goodness! Darling, no!).

However, earlier in September, we were all rewarded with Blake Lively exclusively in menswear for almost the entire duration of A Simple Favor (2018)--a film I actually severely recommend if you enjoy delicious ridiculousness and/or looking at Blake Lively in menswear. 

^possibly my current phone lockscreen background (I am a young professional with the mobile to match.)

I have hopes for the next women in menswear Fall '18 cinematic moment! But, where will it come from next? Send in your confidential tips to my Insta DMs (I hope we all know that I have not checked this blog's email in at least two years). 

This seems as good a moment as any to mention that a couple of weeks ago I was dressing for the day and grabbed a shirt I had bought at the thrift store a few weeks ago for an dress-as-your-favorite-flavor-of-White-Claw party (Ruby Grapefruit, fyi) I attended.

I realized then, what I hadn't realized before, which is that it was a ruffly white shirt straight from Roger Moore's 1971 closet.

^this is me attempting unsuccessfully to raise one eyebrow. I am no Eunice Gayson. *sigh*

The real shock of this situation though was that I took this photo before I left for work and then tried to find an image of Sir Rog in a ruffly shirt on the Google to pair it with for an inevitable Insta post, AND COULD NOT. How is that even possible?! He wore nothing else for like three years, but whatever. This recap is mainly a brag that I totes am ready to star in a remake of Crossplot (1969), and also I have been completely let down by Google Image Search. 


Also, btw, on August 5th, I tripped off a curb crossing the street--and then couldn't walk for a whole month, and I am still in an ankle brace as we speak. (Speaking of a brace, let me remind you again about the beautiful brace Messi completed today with the selfless help of his #1 bro Luis.) I had a pretty chill knee scooter I used to navigate around my world--but, man, Seattle HAS A LOT OF HILLS. I still feel a cold sweat about going down some of those hills.

While I was laid up with my foot elevated and nothing to do for literally weeks (except for when I roused myself out to do work and all that), I intended to get back into blogging. But, I was so tired, so I didn't.

Instead, I watched a lot of Netflix and Hulu. Mozart in the Jungle was delightful (I might love Gael Garcia Bernal more than Diego Luna now, but the jury is still out, and Diego has that new season of Narcos coming out soon plus this video compilation of him talking about how much he loves Jabba the Hutt!), and Castle Rock was utterly terrifying (damn you, André Holland and your empathetic eyes for drawing me in). I also received so many cheese sticks via grocery delivery services! THANK YOU, FRIENDS (including some friends of the blog, like my dearest Casey). But, seriously, so many cheese sticks. Please, if you live in Seattle, come to my apartment and take home some cheese sticks!

Speaking of apartments, I just celebrated this week one year of not being homeless! I cannot properly explain the joy of having an option to come home--and there is something there. It is v. legit.

Okay, I am gonna wrap this post up, because I haven't said much, and I have even less on the top of my brain.

Here are a few things I think you should be interested in if you want to live as me for the day.


Dream to Believe (1986)



The Blue Castle - L.M. Montgomery

This is a perennial autumn favorite. I haven't managed to read it the last couple of falls, so it is coming out this year. The coziest, yet full and soul-reaching mood imaginable. "Find a new riddle, if riddle you must." (My next tattoo?)


Process - Sampha

This album is so beautiful, and lovely, and right. It is also perfect for walking the streets of Seattle on a crisp, likely drizzling fall day. (Also, speaking of fall, at my fun job [aka managing the Egyptian Cinema], I made a Spotify playlist called Bob Dylan Autumn [v. subjective on the autumn] to play in the lobby with no regard for anyone else's feelings. EASY RESTS THE HEAD THAT WEARS THIS CROWN!)

Anyway, coffee-shop is gonna close in like 40 minutes and I am already tensely looking around and making sure I am making a show of packing up, because I used to work in a coffee-shop and anyone who comes in/hangs around in the last hour is the absolute enemy.

Hopefully, I will pop in again soon. LOVE YOU ALL (all meaning the four people who will read this, and you absolutely know who you are).



kate gabrielle said...

Not sure if you will see this since your inbox has been neglected (what if I had been leaving daily messages begging you to come back??? WAS IT ALL FOR NAUGHT?) but I am so happy to see a new blog post here and read Millieish phrases like "severely recommend."

Also loling/crying over the greatest triumph (Gidget and Ralph Meeker) because that is somehow *still my life* and I'm about to turn 32. Sigh.

kate gabrielle said...

Also am I one of the four people? I hope I'm one of the four people.

Millie said...


Second, thank you! It was for naught though. I do get email notifications about comments sent to my current email, however.

Third, thank you for appreciating "severely recommend," because that is exactly how I felt!

It is a great life! And I often wish I had the self-discipline to keep up with it.

Sarah Mann said...

For sure one of the four people, and hello please write everyday so I can get my Millie fix.

Millie said...

Sarah: 💕💕💕 Always and forever!

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

So, I wander back to a classic film blog I used to read ages ago because hey, there's a new post...and find you talking about Messi and Suarez and braces scored in the Champions League. Which makes me grin delightedly, because, having discovered European football about two years ago and having by now completed the switch to thinking it's far better than the NFL, I thought I was the only young American female of my acquaintance (scratch that: the only person of my acquaintance) who's fascinated by what's going on in the Champions League and the Bundesliga and the Premier League and so forth.

Fair warning, I want Bayern to win the UCL, but at least my answer to "Messi or Ronaldo?" would satisfy you 'cause I don't like Ronaldo. :)

Millie said...

Elizabeth: Thank you so much for you kind response, and for coming back to this long-dormant blog to check in!

International football is the best. I don't really follow US soccer, and I find American football to be impossibly boring (not to mention horrifically racist, etc, etc). I have been following Messi for like 10 years, so obvi Barca is my club! Overall, I do prefer La Liga to the other leagues, because they play at a high level--BUT WITH SO MUCH EMOTIONAL DRAMA. I live for the tears. Hahaha.

While I obviously cannot countenance a Bayern win in the Champions League over Barca--I would allow it over Real Madrid (or Juventus). ;-)

Hamlette said...

I LOVE THE BLUE CASTLE. But I think of it as a winter book, though I think I end up reading it in the spring/summer for some weird reason. But I WANT to read it in the winter.

And it's lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear about the ankle brace and all!

Are you going to see Bad Times at the El Royale? Every time I see trailers and ads for it, I think of you and wonder if you're going to see it. Because neonoir and the 70s and Millie just belong together in my mind, I guess. (Well, that's what I wonder whenever there's NOT a shot of Chris Hemsworth half-shirtless, sauntering around wreaking havoc with my internal thermostat, anyway.)

Hamlette said...

(Also, not gonna lie -- I thought this was going to be a post by you about the movie The Fall and I got all excited.)

Millie said...

Hamlette: !!!!! You were one of the four people I hoped would read of my return, obvi!

It's an all-seasons book really. And I totes get that winter vibe.

Lololololol. Funny you should mention it. I am almost certainly gonna watch Bad Times at El Royale, but not really sure why. The trailer just appeals to me. I don't like like half that cast, but I am looking forward to Cynthia Erivo and the look of the film is very me. Also, I do love Chris Hemsworth. I think he is best when he's being funny or off-kilter (not the straight-up action hero), and I definitely get that feel from the trailer!

I do love The Fall. I'll do a post soon. ;-)

NoirGirl said...

Oh the excitement to read one of your wonderful posts again! LOL at the cheesestick overload. I place the blame at all of us noticing your epic love for them! Maybe have a cheesestick party with different dipping sauces. ;)

I just bought The Blue Castle because I've never heard of it and now must read! If you have any more reading recs, please fire away!

Happy 1 year apartment anniversary!!!

So, we're prob going to dress up the staff at my store as James Bonds and Bond gals - so any tips on being Roger Moore-like would be most appreciated!

Millie said...

Casey; It's a good kind of overload! 😂 Thank you again!

Yesyesyesyesyes. I think you really love that one! Let me know what you think!

💕💕💕 Thank you!

Wow. What a theme. Let me ponder this further!

Hamlette said...

Awww, I was one of the four? I'm honored!

Yes, Chris Hemsworth is by far at his best when he's being wacky and off-beat. Big part of why I adore Thor: Ragnarok more than any other on-their-own MCU movie.

IIRC, originally, Russell Crowe was gonna be in El Royale, I'm guessing in the role that Bridges has now. Shame. Crowe and Hemsworth together would've been epic. But the whole film really intrigues me, especially the "darkly humorous thriller" thing they keep calling it. Won't get to see it this weekend, but maybe next weekend, we'll see.

I KNEW you'd be a fan of The Fall.


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