2011 in Film.

This will be the year...


This is happening.


1- The Lady Vanishes [1938] (re-watch)
My Man Godfrey [1936] (re-watch)
To Be Or Not To Be [1942] (re-watch)

4- I Love You Again [1940] *****

9- Ride The Wild Surf [1964] ***1/2

14- Attack of the Puppet People [1958] ***** (any film with this title is completely assured of brilliance.)

17- The Lady Vanishes [1938] (re-watch)

21- My Six Loves [1963] **** 
Man-Trap [1961] *** (this gets 3 stars because of David Janssen, who is always brilliant, otherwise: ehhhhh)

22- How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying [1967] ***** (Robert Morse's smile.) 

27- Return to Me [2000] (re-watch) 

29- Green Mansions [1959] **** (the ending...WHAT?! But, Audrey + Perkins = ADORAAABLE!) 

31- They Came To Cordura [1959] * (I don't even want to want to talk about it. ;-D) 


11- Village of the Giants [1965] **** (One of the most plotless movies I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot coming from me. Oddly fascinating, with several cool 60's actors.)

12- A Man Could Get Killed [1966] ***** (AWESOME. I'm still mad that James Garner and Sandra Dee didn't end up together in the film, BUT STILL. Completely brilliant!)
This Could Be The Night [1957] (re-watch)
That Funny Feeling [1965] (re-watch) 

18- Girls On The Beach [1965] **** (basically horrible lead actors, BUT THE BEACH BOYS!)
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer [1948...maybe '47...I'm too lazy to look it up] (rewatch) 

19- The Cowboy and The Lady [1938] *** (hmmm. I sorta liked this. It had enjoyable parts.)

20- From Russia With Love [1963] (re-watch)
To Sir, With Love [1967] ***** (guhhhhh! This is basically my new favorite movie ever. :'D) 

21- Cat On A Hot Tin Roof [1958] (re-watch)

23- That Wonderful Urge [1948] (re-watch)

25- A Letter To Three Wives [1949] ***** (AMAZING. Oh wow.)
Until They Sail [1957] **** (Brilliant cast...BUT DID EVERY STINKIN' PERSON HAVE TO DIE?!) 

26- Ask Any Girl [1959] ***** (I LOVED IT! So happy! And just happy!) 


1- You Must Be Joking! [1965] ***** (OH MY GOSH. RANDOM AWESOMENESS! Also: Michael Callan in swingin' London)

3- Persuasion [2007] (re-watch) 

5- The Blob [1958] ***** (Basically, my new favorite movie EVER. THAT TITLE SONG IS SO MUCH BRILLIANCE!

9- Citizen Kane [1941] (re-watch...IN THEATERS)

10- Sunday In New York [1963] (re-watch)

11- Food, Inc. [2008] **** (I had to watch it for class. It was okay. It was the class before my free hour/LUNCH though....so yeah. ;-D)

12- The Moon-Spinners [1964] (re-watch)
Support Your Local Sheriff! [1969] (re-watch)

14- Toyko Drifter [1966] (re-watch) 

16- Woman of Straw [1964] ***** (Brilliant. The ending.) 
Hell to Eternity [1960] **** (I watched this for David Janssen. AND THEY BLOODY KILLED HIM OFF 1 HR AND 40 MIN IN.)
If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium [1969] ****3/4 (I absolutely adored every part of this movie until the last 30 seconds. WHAT THE HECK?! THAT ENDING WAS UNACCEPTABLE. ;-D)

17- Guess Who's Coming to Dinner [1967] *** (I swear. THE THINGS I WATCH FOR SIDNEY POITIER. Also: Katharine Hepburn's niece is more annoying the Katharine Hepburn. Also: I dozed off during Spencer Tracy's final speech. Also: I am clearly a heartless person with no redeeming qualities. ;-D)
Rome Adventure [1961] *** (I have no words. Okay, actually, TWO words: Troy Donahue. Blandness-personified. )

18- Guys and Dolls [1955] (re-watch)

20- The Bad Seed [1956] **** (O_O SAVE ME!) 

21- I'll Take Sweden [1965] (re-watch...JA JA JA!)
Lovely To Look At [1952] (re-watch)

22- The Rains Came [1939] **** (Tyrone Power as an Indian doctor...wearing a turban. This amuses me more than I can explain.)
The Americanization of Emily [1964] *** (VERY ODD. But, I love James Garner so it's all cool.)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl [2003] (re-watch) 

24-  The Stranger [1946] **** (Orson Welles as a Nazi and Edward G. Robinson as a Nazi hunter. This movie couldn't possibly not be brilliant.)
If A Man Answers [1962] (re-watch)
That Funny Feeling [1965] (re-watch)

25- Bright Star [2009] ***** (UGH. IT'S SO BEAAAAUTIFUL!)
Hombre [1967] **** (Why has everyone being dying off on me this month in film?! WHY?! But, it also has Frank Silvera as a Mexican bandit. The Millie LOVVVVES Frank Silvera!)
Enchanted [2007] (re-watch)

26- Sergeants 3 [1962] **** (IT'S THE RAT PACK.)
Robin and the 7 Hoods [1964] (re-watch)
Kitty [1945] **** (The Magnificent Mr. Milland and the Paulette Goddard being particularly deadly [literally] -- AWESOME!)
Bikini Beach [1964] (re-watch)

28- Marriage On The Rocks [1965] **** (VERY, VERY ODD. And bloody confusing. And Frank playing a "square" was almost too much for my poor mind to attempt to comprehend. But, it is Frank. And Deborah....AND NANCY TOO! So much coolness.)

31- Palm Springs Weekend [1963] *** (I AM STILL LAUGHING AT THE THE DUMBNESS. Also: I need to start reading the cast list of movies before I put them in my Netflix Queue)


2- The Bat [1959] ***** (Vincent Price movies always get an automatic 5 stars.)

3- The Third Man [1949] (re-watch)

11- The Taming of the Shrew [1967] ****

16- Duel In The Sun [1946] **1/2 (It seemed to take three days to just watch the bloody movie and Gregory Peck was so horribly evil and Joseph Cotten was so incredibly sweet and Jennifer Jones was so annoying. I did enjoy Orson Welles' voice-over, however. ;-D)
The Quiet American [1958] (re-watch) 

29- Leap Year [2010] (re-watch)
Pride and Prejudice [2003] (re-watch)
Pajama Party [1964] (re-watch)

30- The Lady Vanishes [1938] (re-watch)


1- Doctor in the House [1954] ***** (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!)

9- First Love [1939] (re-watch)

12- Gidget Goes Hawaiian [1961] (re-watch)
Cat Ballou [1965] (re-watch)

19- Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides [2011] **** (MIDNIGHT PREMIERE. OH YES. ALL BECAUSE I'M A DORK. ;-D Seriously though: better than the last two put together!)

20- The Great Train Robbery [1903] (re-watch)

21- Love is a Ball [1963] **** (Quite lovely! Charles Boyer as a gleeful matchmaker, Glenn Ford being his usual oddly likable self, and Hope Lange wearing BRILLIANT '60s fashion!)

25- Endless Night [1972] *** (Okay. Hayley was awesome [as were her clothes]. Hywel Bennett was just creepy as usual. I think he might have been less creepy if he didn't have a late '90s power-mom hairstyle. I don't know though. ;-D)

26- Edward Scissorhands [1990] ***1/2 (THAT WAS NOT A BLOODY HAPPY ENDING. sheesh. And, I'm certain that I cried more in this movie than any other. EVER. haha)

27- More Dead Than Alive [1969] (re-watch)

29- Never Say Die [1939] (re-watch)
Monsieur Beaucaire [1946] (re-watch)
Caught in the Draft [1941] (re-watch)

30- Goodbye Charlie [1964] ****1/2 (AWESOME! I mean, Tony Curtis was funny. WHAT?! That ending had me so confused though....haha)
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman [1958] ****** (This movie and I were made for each other. I was incomplete before I met it.) 
The Magnificent Seven [1960] (re-watch)



3- Witness For the Prosecution [1957] (re-watch)

4- Goodbye Again [1961] **** (Ingy was perfect. Perkins was adorable. I loved this movie [until the end. WHAT WAS THAT END?! Sheesh. ;-D]) 
Pressure Point [1962] **** (Bobby Darin was a brilliant actor.) 

5- Fantastic Mr. Fox [2009] (re-watch)

7- Strange Bedfellows [1965] **** (Of course its incredibly stupid, but its Rock + Gina... so...)

8- Furious Love [2010] (re-watch)

9- Mystery of the 13th Guest [1943] **** 

12- Arsenic and Old Lace [1944] (re-watch) 
The V.I.P.s [1964] ***1/2 (There were SO many beautiful people in it! I couldn't keep track of them all. Oh, and also Orson Welles being awesome!)

13- The Women [1939] (re-watch) 

17- Guys and Dolls [1955] (re-watch) 
Jessica [1962] ***1/2 (I don't even know.) 

18- L'Avventura [1960] **** (I'm SO confused. I should have realized that having a Gabriele Ferzetti obsession would not end well! ;-D)

21- Kung Fu Panda [2008] ** (Ehh. There wasn't anything horribly bad about it [besides its utter stupidity], but there wasn't anything GOOD about it either.)

22- This Could Be The Night [1957] (re-watch)

23- The Long, Hot Summer [1958] (re-watch)
The Black Swan [1942] (re-watch)
36 Hours [1965] ***** (Brilliant. The story, the suspense, the actors [I normally find Eva Marie Saint quite boring -- but she mesmerized me here]. Everything about this movie was genius.) 
Death On The Nile [2004] **** (Of course I knew the plot [read it/seen it many times before], but it was quite well done. AND JJ FEILD WAS IN IT! Thanks for the copy, Casey!)

24- Something in the Wind [1947] (re-watch)
That Funny Feeling [1965] (re-watch)
His Butler's Sister [1943] (re-watch)

25- That Funny Feeling [1965] (re-watch)
Every Sunday [1936] (re-watch) 

26- Batman: The Movie [1966] (re-watch)

28- Le Amiche [1955] **** (Everyone was utterly perfect, but Michelangelo Antonioni films ARE PAINFUL TO WATCH. No happy endings are allowed. ;-D)

29- Alfie [1966] *** (Alfie is a pathetic human being, but because he's Michael Caine...he's a very cool pathetic human being. But, still pathetic. ;-D) 

30- Mini-Skirt Mob [1968] ***3/4 (With that title...of course it was horribly-made, low-budgeted awesomeness!) 


2- Crossplot [1969] ***** (BRILLIANT. OH MY GOSH. I LOVE IT.)
High Tide at Noon [1957] *** (Okay, I may have only slightly been paying attention, but the lead character annoyed me so much. She got like 20 chances to marry the only NICE guy on the island, before she finally decided to in the last three seconds of the movie.) 

3- Dr. Goldfoot and The Bikini Machine [1965] (re-watch) 
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? [1963] *** (It was okay. I always think Dean is better with Frank though. It was fun, but I would have preferred it with James Garner. Carol Burnett was brilliantly awesome as always!) 

8- The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again [1979] (re-watch) 
Love In a Goldfish Bowl [1961] * (I couldn't resist the title. BUT EVERYONE WAS HORRIBLE AND I NEED TO GO BLEACH MY BRAIN. [Note that I will not be using the low-quality bleach that was used on Tommy Sands' hair. ;-D] I don't even know. I just really want to forget this film ever existed.)

9- The Bat [1959] (re-watch) 

10- The Night of the Iguana [1964] ***1/2 (Ava is a goddess. Everyone else was brilliant too. Does Richard Burton always play a crazed maniac?! [I've never seen him else-wise! ;-D] It was interesting. Rather depressing [Tennessee!!!]. I actually liked the ending though. Ava is a goddess.)

11- Blackboard Jungle [1956] **** (PERFECT. It only affirms my undying love for Sidney Poitier. And ANNE FRANCIS. And oh my gosh, it has "Rock Around the Clock"! And why is Glenn Ford so inexplicably likable always? EXPLAIN!)

13- The In-Laws [1979] **** ("You know, I'm such a great driver, it's incomprehensible that they took my license away." PETER FALK, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE GREATEST.) 

14- Arsenic and Old Lace [1944] (re-watch)

17- Three Smart Girls [1936] (re-watch)

18- A Matter of Innocence [1967] ***** (I CAN'T EVEN. SHE SUNK. AND DIED.)

19- The Truman Show [1998] ***1/2 (My Mum LOOOOOOOOOOOVES this movie [she kept pointing out random details throughout the entire thing. Now, I know where I get it from. haha].)
It's a Bikini World [1967] **** (I don't know.)

21- Evening Primrose [1966] ****** (I have no response at this time.)
Roman Holiday [1953] (re-watch)

22- Thirteen Ghosts [1960] ***1/2 (I have much to say. A post will come. ;-D)
Dial M For Murder [1954] (re-watch) 

24- The Band Wagon [1953] (re-watch) 

27- North & South [2004] ***** (I may or may not have watched this entire mini-series while I was "packing" for Africa ["packing" as in, sitting on my bed eating Doritos]. It was awesome. I loved it. Although, I could NOT understand why the lead character lady [I've been watching this for HOURS and can't recall her name] wouldn't even LISTEN to Richard Armitage's proposal. Very odd. ;-D)

29- A Breath of Scandal [1960] ***1/2 (Sophia Loren is always awesome.)

30- Suspicion [1941] (re-watch...ON THE AIRPLANE!)
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit [2005] (re-watch)

31- Men In War [1957] ***1/2 (Not something I'd normally watch, but I watch lots of random things on airplanes. And I always choose a Robert Ryan film over a Cornel Wilde film [the other choice]. And it was pretty well done with lots of great actors. NEHEMIAH! Super-depressing though.)
Four Faces West [1948] **** (CLEARLY, this airplane loved me. IT GAVE ME JOEL MCCREA ON MY OWN INDIVIDUAL SCREEN!)


11- Bringing Up Baby [1938] (re-watch)
Day of the Triffids [1962] *** (I'm gonna have to say, Air Canada, as much as I hate you and will never fly on you again -- your entertainment selection was exceedingly awesome! Howard Keel trying to save blind people from man-eating plants?! That's cool.)
The Greely Expedition [2011] ***** (This was both quite depressing and brilliantly fascinating.)

12- Kitten With a Whip [1964] *** (It was the MST3K version, cause that's all I could find. Peter Brown, how did you find a way to improve on perfection?! "Cool it, creep and co-exist!" is my new favorite quote ever.)

Marjorie Morningstar [1958] *** (Apparently, I was supposed to be sad about the tragic love story or feel sorry for Gene Kelly's pathetic, nonredeemable, and completely creepy character? All I cared about was Wally and his awesome glasses [the only reason this is even getting three stars]. I do hope I didn't miss the main point of the film! ;-D)
14- Rope [1948] ***1/2 (One of only two '40s Hitchcock that I have not seen. I'M SORRY SIR ALFRED, BUT I REALLY DIDN'T LIKE IT! It's not your fault! We'll blame this one on John Dall and Jimmy Stewart!)

15- The Odd Couple [1968] (re-watch)

19- Riding With Death [1976] ** (Also MST3K. It's all I could find! And all I have to say is, LEAVE BEN MURPHY ALONE! ;-D)

20- Operation Petticoat [1958] (re-watch)

21- Sex and the Single Girl [1964] *** (HORRIBLE. Nothing funny at all. A complete waste of everybody. The only reason it's getting three stars [and the only reason I watched more than ten minutes] is because Mel Ferrer was AWESOME!)

22- Topaz [1969] **** (I'm torn. I liked it and I didn't. The Cuba section was definitely stunning, but it sorta went down-hill after that.)

24- The Wheeler-Dealers [1963] (re-watch)
The Pleasure Seekers [1964] **** (It was such an awesome cheesefest! Gene Tierney had like one scene, but she was PERFECT! And the girls were all stylish and cool. AND GARDNER MCKAY. [That's not necessarily the ONLY reason I watched this! ;-D] Thanks, Casey for the loan!)

25- Those Redheads From Seattle [1953] *** (How could I resist a film with that title?! And it had Bat Masterson!)
Girl In Lover's Lane [1960] ***** (Any movie with Brett Halsey -- even horribly made films with depressing endings -- gets five stars. I DON'T EVEN CARE WHAT THE PLOT IS.)

26- Girl In Lover's Lane [1960] (re-watch...It's kinda awkward when you have to write down that you've seen this movie twice in 24 hours. ;-D)

27- Under Capricorn [1949] **** (the last new-to-me '40s Hitchcock. It certainly wasn't perfect [HUME! STOP WRITING SCRIPTS FOR SIR ALFRED!], but I really enjoyed the heck out of all the actors. Ingy was perfection and Joseph Cotten was scary and Michael Wilding was unfairly treated and Margaret Leighton was Young Mrs. Danvers and everything was wonderful.)

29- Ever After [1998] (re-watch)


1- Compulsion [1959] ***** (BRADFORD DILLMAN'S EVIL SMILE.)

3- That Thing You Do! [1996] *** (Ehhh. I liked all the random 60ishness, but the ending more than slightly depressed me.) 
Penelope [2007] (re-watch)

4- The Moon-Spinners [1964] (re-watch)

5- Beach Ball [1964] *** (I may or may not have started this in March and just now finished it.) 
A Touch of Larceny [1959] ***** (BRILLIANT. James Mason was so utterly perfect in this. I can't even handle listening to his voice for very long -- IT'S THAT PERFECT. haha. Vera Miles and George Sanders were also completely awesome.)

8- The Green Berets [1968] *** (Highly depressing. But, it was interesting. And I like seeing a different side than what is usually shown. And David Janssen was in it. So yeah.) 

12- Return to Peyton Place [1961] *** (I haven't even seen the original Peyton Place. It's just I HAD to see it. It had Brett Halsey in it. AND Mary Astor was such a serious goddess in it. Oh my gosh. She was BRILLIANT.)

14- How To Steal A Million [1966] (re-watch)

16- The Cry Baby Killer [1958] **** (I watched this ONLY for Brett Halsey and he ended up getting shot like 15 minutes in. It was still interesting though.)

17- The Cat and the Canary [1939] (re-watch)
To Be Or Not To Be [1942] (re-watch)
The Reluctant Debutante [1958] (re-watch)

26- Ten Little Indians [1965] **** (Awesome cast. HORRIBLE ENDING. It is not acceptable to change the entire story.) 


1- North & South [2004] (re-watch)

2- My Family and Other Animals [2005] ****1/2 (LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.)

6- They Got Me Covered [1943] ***** (Bob Hope I HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE! And it was early 40s Bob...WHICH IS THE MOST ABSOLUTE BRILLIANT!)

8- Water Horse [2007] *** (IT WAS SO SAD.)
Support Your Local Sheriff! [1969] (re-watch)
Dr. No [1962] (re-watch)
Goldfinger [1965] (re-watch)

23- Come and Get It [1936] *** (WHAT WAS THAT?! It was all worth it though. It had Joel McCrea playing an adorable little inventor/forest conservationist! Directed by Howard Hawks AND William Wyler? NOW YOU'RE JUST SHOWING OFF. haha)

27- Bluebeard's Eighth Wife [1938] **** (Brilliant group of people.) 

29- Come Blow Your Horn [1963] **** (It was Frank, of course I loved it. I was also amused that everything in the movie was orange [Frank's favorite]. That guy who played his little brother though... he looked like George Hamilton and was an even worse actor. SO ANNOYING.)
Francis of Assisi [1961] *** (I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO SAY RIGHT NOW.) 

30- North & South [2004] (re-watch)
Persuasion [2007] (re-watch)

31- Gidget [1959] (re-watch)



5- Spellbound [1945] (re-watch)

6- Third Finger, Left Hand [1940] ***** (Love. Love. Love.)

10- Ruby In The Smoke [2006] *** (Ehhh. It was okay. I watched it solely for JJ Feild and he was good. Overall it was just okay.)

12- Gaslight [1944] (re-watch)

15- Oklahoma! [1999] (re-watch)

19- I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus [2001] (re-watch)

22- Jane Eyre [2011] ****1/2 (I actually quite liked it. And this is coming from a sworn Bronte hater. Mia Wasa-however-you-spell-her-name was quite good. And Michael Fassbender was just awesome. Rochester is such a drama queen, and Michael Fassbender played him perfectly.)

24- Now, Voyager [1942] (re-watch)
Miracle On 34th Street [1947] (re-watch)
The Toy That Saved Christmas [1996] (re-watch)
Ice Age [2002] (re-watch)

25- Enchanted [2007] (re-watch)

26- Frosty The Snowman [1969] (re-watch)
Macbeth [2005] *** (I really should give it more than three stars, BUT I'VE ALWAYS HATED MACBETH. I watched it for James McAvoy and Richard Armitage. BUT IT'S SO SAD.)
Much Ado About Nothing [2005] *** (I watched this because it was on the same disc as Macbeth and I needed to drown out my depression. Yeah, no.)

29- Confessions of a Shopaholic [2008] (re-watch)


2- Christmas With the Kranks [2006] (re-watch)

3- Hugo [2011] ***** (PERFECT. BRILLIANT. WONDERFUL.)

4- State Fair [1945] (re-watch)

6- For Love of Ivy [1968] (re-watch) 

9- State Fair [1962] ***1/2 (Quite disappointing. My Darlin' Darin was superb.) 

12- It's A Wonderful Life [1946] (re-watch)
The Bishop's Wife [1947] (re-watch)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [1964] (re-watch)
Christmas in Connecticut [1945] (re-watch)
Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol [1962] (re-watch) 

15- Marooned [1969] ***1/2 (DIE GENE HACKMAN, DIE!)
Marooned [1969] (re-watch/MST3K version)

17- Catalina Caper [1967] **1/2 (MST3K)

Designing Woman [1956] (re-watch)
Princess Diaries [2001] (re-watch) 

19- White Christmas [1954] (re-watch)

20- Elf [2003] (re-watch)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1956] (re-watch)

22- The Adventures of Tintin [2011] ***** (SPIELBERG DIDN'T RUIN MY CHILDHOOD. He gets five stars just for that.)
Son of Paleface ***1/2 [1952] (It's Bob. And Jane. And Roy Roger + Trigger.)

23- Santa Claus Conquers the Martians [1964] (re-watch)
Silent Running [1971] ***1/2 (Strange. Very strange. Bruce Dern was an awesome crazed maniac though, of course. ALSO: those robot things! Huey and Dewey and Louie! THEY WERE WALL-E!)
Home Alone [1991] (re-watch)
The Lemon-Drop Kid [1951] (re-watch)

24- Christmas In Connecticut [1945] (re-watch)
Scrooge [1951] (re-watch)
Meet John Doe [1941] (re-watch)

26- Mirage [1965] ****1/2 (Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!)

28- Home Alone 2 [1992] *** (I WAS FORCED INTO IT. My family has a strange love for this series. -_-)

31- Confessions of a Shopaholic [2008] (re-watch)



Matthew Coniam said...

You watch The Lady Vanishes even more often than I do. Don't you just ADORE those little model shots at the beginning? I can't believe I didn't even notice them until about the two-hundredth watch.
And such an ending - when they can't remember the tune, then they hear it, and walk in, and Miss Froy is there... I blub like a big baby girlchild every single time.

David said...


I'm a huge old movie fan just like you,and Ingrid Bergman is one of my silver screen idols too.I adore the layout and color of your site and come here often.This time I decide to leave a comment,so maybe we can have further communications.


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