2013 in Film.


4- The Hobbit [2012] (re-watch)

6- Collision [2009] ***** (Brilliant. Loved it.)

7- Oklahoma! [1999] (re-watch)

8- Oklahoma! [1999] (re-watch)

11- Les Miserables [2012] (re-watch/cried more than the first time/I don't recognize who I am anymore)

12- National Treasure [2004] (re-watch)

13- Doors Open [2012] ****1/2 (Who I am kidding? I actually think this deserves 6 stars. I'm sorry. I just have a bit of a Douglas Henshall obsession going on right now. Stupid man with his stupid face and his stupid Scottish accent.)

17- Sense and Sensibility [2008] (re-watch) 

18- Einstein and Eddington [2008] **** (Excuse me, but why had no one told me that David Tennant and Andy Serkis made a movie together in which they played Arthur Eddington and Albert Einstein?!?! Seriously, guys. This was awesome. Andy Serkis was Einstein. AND DAVID TENNANT WAS PERFECT. His sad faces kill me, but his happy faces -- they make everything okay. This review doesn't make any sense.)

18- Oklahoma! [1999] (re-watch)

19- Dark Shadows [2012] *** (DON'T LOOK ME IN THE FACE. I'M EMBARRASSED FOR EVEN WATCHING IT. But, seriously. I had had some hopes [despite all others' opinions]. I do enjoy a bit of Burton/Carter/Depp craziness [SERIOUSLY. DON'T LOOK ME IN THE FACE]. And it had Jonny Lee Miller in it. And well. But, no. It was horrific. It gets the three stars for style and the cool cast. NOTHING ELSE.)

The Long, Hot Summer [1958] (re-watch)

20- Le Caire nid d'espions (OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies) [2006] (re-watch)

22- Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides [2011] (re-watch)

23- Beasts of the Southern Wild [2012] ***** (Fascinating and original. Quvenzhané Wallis was brilliant.)


5- Botany Bay [1953] *** (<3 a="" alan="" always.="" always="" and="" evil="" gentle="" greatest="" hero.="" is="" james="" kind="" ladd="" lovely="" mason="" p="" playing="" the="" villain="">

7- Decoy Bride [2011] (re-watch)

9- Emma [2009] (re-watch)

10- Anna Karenina [2000] *** (My Douglas Henshall obsession is dangerous. Honestly. I watched all 4 hours of this nonsense for him. He was a perfect Levin though. The three stars are all his!)

17- The Night of the Hunter [1955] (re-watch)

22- The Mummy [1999] * (The things I do for friends. I usually enjoy terrible action-adventure movies. This was just terrible.)
The Mummy Returns [2001] * (Just no.) 

26- Anne of Avonlea [1987] (re-watch) 

28- Carmen Jones [1954] *** (Kill me. So Sad.)


1- Salmon Fishing in the Yemen [2012] *** (The stars are for Ewen McGregor's accent. Otherwise, no. I mean, it was the most predictable film ever. I literally kept predicting what was going to happen to my friend (in a joking way, like "hahahaha. Just wait, one fish will have survived and is gonna JUMP out of the water. hahahahaha." And then it happened. -_-).

Dr. No [1962] (re-watch)

2- Kiss Them For Me [1957] ***1/2 (Interesting. Weird mix of slapstick and tragedy. Almost worked, but not quite)
Dr. Zhivago [1965] **** (More on my thoughts in a post.)

3- Cross Plot [1969] (re-watch)
Danger Route [1967] **** (Well, that was a downer. Sheesh. And I called both twists from the start, but still, quite well done and interesting!)

8- From Prada to Nada [2009, I think. And I'm not gonna google to find out] 1/2* (HORRIBLE. It was my friend's choice. How is it possible to ruin S&S so much!?)

9- Here Comes Mr. Jordan [1941] (re-watch)

14- Mansfield Park [1999] *** (Not in any way, shape, or form like the book. AT ALL. But, the cast was pretty excellent. And Jonny Lee Miller managed to somehow make Edmund an appealing character. A+ for that!)

15- Fantastic Mr. Fox [2009] (re-watch)

17- Shetland [2013] ****1/2 (First film of 2013. And I guess, technically, it was a miniseries. BUT WHATEVER. I count those. Also, on a side-note, my Douglas Henshall obsession, errr, interest is becoming rather unhealthy.)

18- South-Riding [2011] **1/2 (How could such a talented cast go SO TERRIBLY WRONG. I don't know what was happening. Andrew Davies! YOU HAVE LET ME DOWN, SIR. I mean, David Morrissey AND Douglas Henshall?! How could you ruin that so badly.)
Rebecca [1940] (re-watch)

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