The Milliesaurus!

Just in case my Millie Speak has been confusing you: A Guide to Understanding Common Words and Phrases!

Wowzie Kazam: the act or state of being extremely amazing and cool

JUNK IT; Oh, Junk; Junk that: Not good.

Hallucinate: Interchangeable with Hallelujah

I Mustache ____: I love ____ /  I <3 ____

The Millie: An obnoxious, self-indulgent name I call myself

Stupendously Amazingly Cool: Not just any ordinary cool

My Darlin' Darin: Bobby Darin

Non-fleshie: An internet/blogging friend

Fleshie: A "real-life" friend

Ronald: My favorite gnome

Ingy: Ingrid Bergman

Sewer: Awwww!


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