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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Gun For Hire

This movie is complete brilliance. It was complete brilliance in 1941. It will ALWAYS be complete brilliance.

Trivia: The alternate title for the film was actually Baby-Faced Brilliance.*

*It's definitely not recommended that you listen to any trivia I give you. Just like a Hitchcock flashback....I'm liable to be completely lying to you. ;-D  

I adore Film Noir. MOST Film Noir.

Film Noir that is utterly nonredeemable and depressing for no reason I do not adore. (Born To Kill, I am looking at you!)

Film Noir that is "awwwwww happy" is my favorite of all. I could watch Laura every. single. day.

And then there are Noirs that are not in anyway "awwww happy", but are still quite amazing. This Gun For Hire is one of those. It's fascinating. No matter how many times one watches it, it is still always a must-be-completely-involved-in-the-story kind of movie. There is no room for finger-puppet making during this movie.

Which isn't a problem at all, because it's a completely engrossing film. The opening scene starts out and Alan Ladd is already giving milk to little kittens, beating up women, helping disabled children, and killing random unarmed people. One begins to understand that this movie is going to be STINKIN' CRAZY.

And pretty Wowzie Kazam.

The acting in This Gun For Hire is really amazing. Veronica Lake and Laird Cregar both stand out brilliantly. And of course there's Alan Ladd. It's really shocking to me that he was fourth-billed. This may be his debut film, but it is definitely my favorite performance from him. He is an unapologetic, coldblooded killer. BUT, YOU FEEL SO SORRY FOR HIM. Oh my gosh. The poor little thing. Can you believe that horrible police officer, Robert Preston?! Why the heck is he persecuting this lonely, misunderstood hitman?! I mean, Alan's nice to cats. AND HE DOESN'T KILL SMALL, DISABLED CHILDREN. What more can you ask for?! Nobody can be completely perfect.

Aww, look at their cute, little innocent faces.

Note: this description does NOT include Robert Preston, who I always forget is even IN this movie. Sheesh. ;-D

I'm not going to say any more about this film, because I of course, do NOT want to give anything away, but really. You should go see it. I can't even think of any regret anyone could have after viewing it. There is not one single flaw in the entire film. AND it's only 81 minutes long, WHAT?! Yeah.

Those of baby-faced brilliance just being cool



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